Semi-Pucca Housing Investment Scheme

Bangladeshi citizen having own land.

Minimum Income: Must be at least TK.30,000/- per month.

Age limit: Minimum 21-years & maximum 65-years fo age. May be relaxed up to 70 years in deserving cases.


Maximum Tk.3.00 million.

Equity (Bank: Client): 70:30 i.e. the Bank will invest for maximum 70% of the total construction/purchasing cost.

i. Maximum 10-years for investment upto Tk.1.00 million
ii. Maximum 15-years for investment above Tk.1.00 million

Gestation Period: Maximum 06-months from the date of first disbursement.

Rate of Return: 9.00% per annum under annuity method or the rate to be determined by
the Bank from time to time.

Processing Fee: 0.50% on total sanctioned amount but not exceeding Tk.l 5,000/-
Early Settlement Fee: 0.50% on total outstanding liability.

Mode of Investment: Hire purchase under Shirkatul Melk (HPSM)

i. Up to Tk.1.00 million, disbursement will be made by minimum 2 phases: @ 50% & 50% depending on the progress of works.
ii. Above Tk.1.00 million, disbursement will be made by minimum 3 phases: @ 30%, 30% & 40% depending on the progress of works.

Pre-condition: Client's equity must be invested first and the plinth level construction to be completed by client's equity before disbursement.

i. Registered mortgage of the property with registered irrevocable general power of attorney authorizing the Bank to sell the property without intervention of the Court.
ii. Temporary houses (Other than prey-fabricated steel structure or concrete structure) shall not be taken into consideration for
calculating value of securities.
iii. At least 150% security coverage to be maintained always.
iv. Personal guarantee of spouse, adult son(s) and daughter(s)

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