Overseas Employment Investment Scheme (Swapnojatra)

This scheme of Islami Bank aims to facilitate the expenditure of enterprising people who are willing to go abroad for employment. This investment can be used for purchase of job visa/work permit visa, payment of agency fees and other services for employment abroad.

Investment limits

Maximum 10 (ten) lakh Taka

For whom
This investment is given jointly to the person intending to go abroad and his guardian. The age of the foreign-goer should be between 18 to 45 years.

Term of investment
Up to Tk. 2 Lakh - Maximum 2 years
Above Tk. 2 Lakh - Maximum 5 years

Rate of return/profit
9% (variable)

Mode of investment
Forward Ijarah (Ijara Mausufah Fid-Dhimmah)

Personal Guarantee/Advance Cheque/Pledge/Lien/Registered Mortgage and Power of Attorney (where applicable)

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