Mudaraba Senior Citizen Monthly Profit Deposit Scheme


  1.  Profit (on provisional basis) shall be paid every month just after completion of 30 days.
  2. 50% less in A/C maintenance charge and Debit Card issuance & renewal fees for linked MSA account
  3. Special discount on selected hospitals subject to payment through IBBL card
  4. Amount of deposit: Tk.1,00,000/- (One lac) and itsmultiple.
  5. Tenure: 1, 3 or 5 years with auto renewal feature


Bangladeshi Senior Citizen with age starting from 50 years.

Must have/ have to open an MSA acccount with IBBL for receiving profit.

Pofit & Charges

MSCMPD account operates on Mudaraba (Profit-Loss sharing) principle of Islamic Shariah. This principle offers depositors an agreed portion of business profit and assigns risk for any genuine loss.  Islami Bank distributes a minimum 65% of its investment income among all Mudaraba accounts as per weightage. Hereby the rate of profit paid is variable.

  • Profit on provisional basis is paid every month.
  • Additional amount of profit (if any) is paid after annual calculation of Final Rate
  • Advance Income Tax as per Govt rules is deducted each time of profit payment
  • Excise duty may be realized as per Govt norms

Required Documents

  • Complete and duly signed account opening form
  • NID/ Valid Passport/Driving License
  • Recent Photo: 2 copy, passport size, attested by introducer
  • Nominee’s NID & photo (attested by applicant)
  • Recent electricity/ other utility bill in case of present address differing to NID/Passport
  • Receipt copy of last year’s Income Tax return (optional)

**Bank may ask for any other additional document

Special Facilities

  • Qard facility: Qard (profit-free loan) against lien of the account may be allowed up-to 90% of the outstanding balance.


Important Downloads