Al-wadia Current Account

The deposit is accepted in the AWCA under Al-wadeah principle of Islamic Shariah. The deposited money is invested along with other deposits by the Bank according to Islamic Shariah.  Here, the customer does not have any share in the profit.  The transaction can be made more than once during the banking hour.


  • Suitable for Businessman- Current Account.
  • Unlimited Withdraw/ Deposit on any Banking Hour.
  • Online Banking/ SMS/ iBanking faclity enabled a/c type.
  • Check Book with more check leaves.
  • The Bank records the instruction of "Stop Payment" with care.
  • No Profit shared with client.

Rules for opening a/c

  • The account can only be opened with the introduction of any acceptable  client/ current account holder of the Bank.
  • In order to open Al-wadeah Current Account, a minimum amount of Tk. 500/= is to be deposited.
  • Two copies of recent times Passport Size Photograph is reqired.
  • Withdrawal may be made through the cheques / ATM card supplied by the Bank.
  • For the first cheque book, the customer has to apply   in a specified form (F-6) and then for new cheque book the customer shall have to apply through the requisition slip supplied with the previous cheque book.
  • The account holder shall have to use the specimen signature put in the Bank while withdraw money and in case of other correspondence with the Bank.
  • The Bank records the instruction of ‘Stop Payment` with care. But the Bank will not be held responsible if any fraudulent withdrawal is/are made through stopped cheque (s).
  • We encourage our clients to use iBanking service incase of Statement of the account is required.
  • In case of joint account, if any of the A/c. holders expired the operation in the account will be stopped just after getting report and balance in that account will be paid as per norms to the heirs of the deceased and the alive A/c. holder(s); if there is any outstanding investment liabilities, the alive account holder/heirs of the deceased is/are bound to adjust the same.
  • The account holder(s) can select nominee's) to receive the balance of the account in case of death of the account holder.
  • In case of death of the account holder, the nominee's) has to submit the following papers/documents in support of his/their nomination to receive the balance of the concerned account:
    a) Death Certificate regarding death of the account holder.

    b) Certificate from 2 (two) valued clients of the Bank or 2 (two) officers of the Bank or the Chairman/Ward Commissioner of the Union Parishad/Municipality in support of the identification of the nominee's).

    c) Attested Passport size photographs of the nominee's).

    d) Indemnity Bond (C.F.-12) duly executed by the nominee's) under sureties of 2 (two) valued clients each good for the amount and acceptable to the Bank.
  • The Bank reserves the authority to change, develop or reform/modify the rules of the account any time and the client is bound to abide by the same.

For more information please contact to your nearest branch or see the Rules and regulation given overleaf of the A/C opening Form.

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