Mudaraba Bibaho Savings

IBBL launched “Mudaraba Bibaho Savings Account (MBSA)” for the people who are planning to save money for bearing the marriage costs. Youths and parents having plans to start a new family in near or distant future may build-up savings under this scheme.


  • Fixed installment savings scheme
  • Monthly installment: Tk.500 & its multiple (up to Tk. 50,000/-)
  • Tenure: 3 or 5 years
  • Deposit Card available for cash deposit thru CRM/IDM
  • Standing instruction available for paying installment from same branch account
  • Free deposit from any branch, agent  banking, Internet Banking or Cellfin


  • Any Bangladeshi national
  • Minimum age: 18 years

Profit policy

MBSA account operates on Mudaraba (Profit-Loss sharing) principle of Islamic Shariah. This principle offers depositors an agreed portion of business profit and assigns risk for any genuine loss.  Islami Bank distributes a minimum 65% of its investment income among all Mudaraba accounts as per weightage. Hereby the rate of profit paid is variable.

  • ·  Profit on provisional basis is paid twice a year.
  • ·  Additional amount (if any) is paid after annual calculation of Final Rate
  • ·  Advance Income Tax as per Govt rules is deducted each time of profit payment
  • ·  Excise duty may be realized as per Govt norms

Required Documents

  • Complete and duly signed account opening form
  • NID/ Valid Passport/Driving License
  • Recent Photo: 2 copy, passport size, attested by introducer
  • Nominee’s NID & photo (attested by applicant)
  • Recent electricity/ other utility bill in case of present address differing to NID/Passport
  • Receipt copy of last year’s Income Tax return (optional)

**Bank may ask for any other additional document

Important Downloads